Bosnian Bibles

There is truly no greater gift we can give to people than the gift of God’s Word in their own language. As we treasure God’s Word in our own lives, we naturally want to share it with the world around us. It is only the truth of God’s Word that penetrates the darkness and hopelessness of fear and oppression that reign in some countries.

During my time in Bosnia in 2013, I had the opportunity to be a part of a house church community where I met a man called Daniel who was translating the Bible from the original texts to Bosnian. Daniel had realised that the translated Bible had lost a lot of meaning, and that an easily understood Bible in Bosnia was needed. (It was a translation of a translated Bible or at least that’s what I understood at that time.) Since then, I have followed Daniel’s journey of translating the Bible, and recently, I found out that he has finished! At the moment, he is working on getting his translation approved for publishing. I just wanted to share this because it brought me much joy to know that the Word will now be available to Bosnian people everywhere! Praise the Lord!

Please join me in praying for Daniel and his ministry–for the support he needs, for the finalization and publishing of this translation, & for the distribution of Bosnian Bibles world-wide!

If you would like to follow and know more about Daniel’s work and translation of Today’s Bosnian Version Bible you can do so here or at .


**Photo Credits to Daniel Andric -TBV Bible.


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